Name: Elementary school UNESCO is heading for inspiration

Project Start Date: 01-06-2022

Project End Date: 30-11-2023

Grant Calculated: 5832.00 EUR

Participating organisation(s):

Schooll UNESCO and  programme Erasmus+:

UNESCO Uherske Hradiště is a state elementary school for children between the ages 6 to 15 years.. Currently, according to the number of pupils, our school is the biggest of the 6 elementary schools in Uherske Hradiste – a town with 26,000 inhabitants. Since 1967 the school has taken part in the network of UNESCO associated schools, and since 1996 it has been included in the Register of Schools as the Elementary school UNESCO. The school is conveniently located in the town centre.UNESCO is a school that focuses on extended language education.We have previously participated in various projects, such as Comenius, and we would like to continue this tradition and thus continue to deepen international cooperation between schools. We would also like to give Russian and German students the opportunity to participate. At the same time, we would like to be inspired by the issue of inclusion.

The aim of this Project:

We would like to establish international cooperation and acquire a new partner school. We would like to innovate our foreign language teaching and create a survey on which foreign languages there is interest in. We would also like to provide contacts for our pupilsso that they can practice their language skills  in everyday life. We would like to map the school in the form of shadowing, which will meet our requirements, and which our students will be able to visit in the future. At the same time, we would like to take inspiration from the teaching of foreign pupils/students, gifted students and students with specific requirements.

Description of the Project:

We will carry out shadowing , observation of teaching, learning about new trends and methods, and then we will apply the acquired innovations in teaching. Furthermore, we will compile a questionnaire and later analyze its results.

We expect to establish new international cooperation and to acquire a new partner school. We also expect innovative methods in teaching of foreign languages as well as in the education of foreign pupils, gifted pupils and pupils with special needs. Last but not least, we expect new methods to address the issue of inclusion in school.